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Photo Policy Order 5200.1

12 Nov 2015 | Ida Irby Marine Corps Base Quantico

Marine Corps Base Quantico command has implemented a new photo policy, Marine Corps Base Order 5200.1 to identify when and where image gathering of personnel, equipment and facilities aboard the base may occur. Public areas or events are authorized for image gathering, but care must be taken to ensure sensitive information of service members is protected.

More than 50,000 acres of the base are available for photography, video, rendered sketches, and geographical representations with the approval of the base commander. Approval is granted through the MCBQ public affairs officer. Civilian news media representatives may transmit photos and video with an appropriate escort. Nevertheless, tenant organizations with assigned PAOs can grant approval for image gathering within their respective areas provided they have coordinated with the base PAO.

It is unlikely that restricted areas are not identified with proper signage; however check with the base PAO for a list of controlled areas. Law enforcement is authorized to seize imagery and equipment from trespassers who enter these areas without consent.

This policy prohibits access to the base by vehicles with imaging equipment, which has the ability to collect or transmit images using commercial mapping. Nevertheless, the base commander can approve such image collection provided the images are used only by the requesting jurisdiction and reviewed for operational security.

Unauthorized image gathering should be prevented at the lowest level. Report suspicious activities to appropriate law enforcement agencies such as the Quantico Provost Marshall at the Eagle Eyes suspicious activity number 703-432-EYES/3937. Infringement of the base policy may result in a fine or incarceration.

For more information about Quantico’s photo policy call 703-432-1328 or 703-784-2741 or visit the base website at

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