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‘Like father like son’

30 Apr 2015 | Jackie Williams Marine Corps Base Quantico

The saying "like father like son" as it relates to alcoholism is not just a cliché, it’s a fact. The fact is alcoholism is genetic, it is passed from one generation to the next. When it is combined with environmental factors, such as, emotional or physical absentee fathers, the risk for having a child that becomes an alcoholic or addicted to drugs is significantly increased and the generational cycle of substance misuse begins or continues. 

However, the generational cycle can be stopped, by:

1. Self-referring to Consolidated Substance Abuse Counseling Center for a private substance misuse screening.

2. Attend Prime for Life 4.5 offered by CSACC (no referral needed).

3. Attend the Community Counseling 24/7 Dad group starting July 9.

4. In Scott Hammond’s blog,, he list seven secrets of effective fathering. Those secrets are:

1. Unconditional love

2. Respect your children

3. Time = love

4. Study your children

5. Have a strong marriage or "healthy relationships"

6. Find fathering mentors/coaches

7. Be a man/leader

Fathers are an important component in family dynamics. Good fathers are the foundation of the family unit instilling in their children morals, values and self-respect. Fathers’ sets the direction of the family. Generational substance misuse can be broken starting with the father.

Remember: Don’t drug, drink and drive. Drink no more than three drinks a day. Drink no more than 14 drinks a week

The Consolidated Substance Abuse Counseling Center can be reached at 703-784-3502.

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