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Sloppy play during second day of basketball

15 Jan 2014 | Lance Cpl. Samuel Ellis

“You guys stink,” commented a snickering referee about the poor performance of both teams littered with multiple travels, double dribbles and bad passes as he handed an out-of-bounds basketball to an Officer Candidates School player and blew his whistle to restart the game at the Barber Physical Activites Center on Jan. 15, 2013.

On the second day of intramural basketball season, OCS ended their first game of the season, losing to the Naval Health Clinic 39-29.

“Everyone is a little rusty right now,” said Marlon Oush, NHCQ team coach. “Half the team just got off leave and so it’s going to take about two or three games [to be where we want to be].”

The recent weeklong delay of the basketball season matched the tempo of the first half as both teams seemed to consistently miss shots and make simple mistakes.

“Many members of our team haven’t played ball, so we are trying to get that team camaraderie going,” said Cpl. Philip Jimenez, OCS head coach. “Once we get that, we will be golden.”

The NHCQ lead OCS 14-8 into halftime, where jokes continued to circulate about the slow pace and error-ridden performances of both teams.

The headline for this game should be, “and they went out for a walk,” commented one booster.

The 20-minute second half was less sloppy as both teams unified. Accuracy intensified, shots hitting their targets and elementary mistakes were greatly diminished. 

“[It was a] 10-point loss,” said Jimenez. “I’m not mad. [Our goal is] to make it to the playoffs.”

Guy Crawford, NHCQ forward/guard, commented on the advantage his team had over OCS.

“Patience was the key and we had big bodies,” said Crawford. “They were quicker, but experience always wins.”

Intramural basketball games are played Monday-Thursday evenings at the Barber Physical Activities Center from 6-9 p.m.

Intramural basketball standings

American League:       
AFOSI  1-0        
MCSC  1-0        
Combat Camera 2-0      
NHCQ  1-0       
MMSB  1-1       
HMX-1    0-2       
MCESG    0-1       
OCS    0-1
MCIA  0-1

National League:
TBS  1-0
WTBN  1-0
BASE MT   1-0
H&S Bn.      0-1
EIP    0-1
MCU    0-1
H&S Finance    0-0
MCAF  0-0
TECOM    0-0



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