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More Than 100 service members attended Sex Signals, a skit-based sexual assault prevention training, at Little Hall’s auditorium June 26, 2013. The production explored how social pressures and false preconceptions play a hand in the tensions of dating.

Photo by Cpl. Antwaun Jefferson

Improvisations get Marines ready to combat sexual assaults

26 Jun 2013 | Cpl. Antwaun Jefferson Marine Corps Base Quantico

Talks about sex are usually closed conversations that many tend to shy away from. With reports of sexual assault in the military on the rise and the push for service members to re-educate themselves in sexual assault prevention, Sex Signals, a skit- based sexual assault prevention training, was presented at Little Hall’s auditorium June 26, 2013.

The presentation differs from traditional sexual assault prevention response trainings and programs that Marines are used to. This program incorporated improvisational comedy, education and audience interaction to provide a provocative look at dating, sex and the core issue of consent. 

“The skits really got the crowd engaged,” said Cpl. Justin Territo, military working dog handler, Security Battalion. “People are more likely to open up when humor is involved than with the standard “death by PowerPoint” presentations that we are used to.”

There was a sea of tan and blue in the auditorium as more than a hundred Marines and sailors took the time out to attend the presentation. There were also soldiers, stationed at Fort Belvoir, who traveled more than 20 miles see and interact with the production.

The play explored how social pressures, gender stereotypes, unrealistic fantasies and false preconceptions all play huge factors in the stress and tensions of dating. With different scenes, military members were able to see how these factors by themselves or combined with alcohol could lead to sexual harassment, sexual assault or even rape.

“It was surreal,” said Cpl. Javonta Squriewell, postal clerk, Headquarters and Service Battalion. “I could really envision myself in these situatuations that they were acting out. It really made me think about how a simple thing as a couple of beers or wrestling could lead to heinous acts. The only thing that I wish they would have had, was the male be the victim instead of the stereotype of the male always being the aggressor.”

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