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Plastic hats, rubber ducks and stickers were given out to children at the event.

Photo by Photo by Kaiylyn Sullivan

Quantico police, firefighters delight children at annual story time

7 Aug 2017 | Kaitlyn Sullivan/PAO Intern Marine Corps Base Quantico

More than 100 children attended the Firefighter and Provost Marshal’s Office (PMO) Story Time hosted by the base library July 28. Children enjoyed having stories read to them, checking out fire trucks and various PMO vehicles, singing songs and wrapping up the event by eating most children’s favorite food - pizza.

Throughout the event it was made apparent that the police officers and firefighters were making great efforts to help the children feel they were real and helpful people, not just officials in uniforms. The children were given the opportunity to see firefighting and police gear, have it explained to them and even try it on. During the event both firefighters and officers gave out high fives and handshakes to children while they were in their gear, making the children increasingly more comfortable with both them and their uniforms.

When asked why she found events such as this one important Police Officer Cpl. Celeste Cash said it’s necessary for kids to see the fun side of a police officer’s job and that this and other community outreach events are a great way for them to show the children what the gear they wear is for so they do not fear the officer when they are approached.

Assistant Librarian Kaylee Wilsher said she finds this event important because it is just another way to bring the community of Quantico together.  To her, the library is not simply a room full of books, but a community center where all DoD members and their families can come together.

As for the children, many of them said that their favorite part was being able to get in and see the different vehicles and play with the lights and sirens. Quite a few of the children were mesmerized by the sheer amount of buttons that there were to push and were extremely gleeful when they were allowed to freely touch and explore the large soundboard-like area.

The Firefighter and PMO Story Time is an annual event.  This year it was meant to be the final blow-out of the summer for the library. But, don’t fret if you missed this event because the library has many other great activities throughout the year.  Follow the library’s Facebook page for the latest events at or walk into the family library at 2040 Broadway St.and grab a paper copy of their event calendar.

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