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Green to Blue:Becoming a civilian police officer aboard Quantico

9 Feb 2017 | Valerie O’Berry, Editor Marine Corps Base Quantico

The Provost Marshal’s Office (PMO) has a new program that trains Marines to become civilian police officers aboard Quantico.  No experience in law enforcement is needed to start the program and it helps Marines transition into the civilian workforce.

Called the Green to Blue Program it consists of a Marine going TAD to PMO for six months to receive on-the-job training as a police officer while still in the Corps.  According to Betty James-Ashby, human resources specialist with PMO, six months of experience is required for transition to the civilian police force and program Green to Blue is designed to provide this experience.

“If you are not an MP (Military Police officer) and you haven’t deployed and want to get into law enforcement you’ll gain the minimum experience required to apply,”  said James-Ashby.

After completing the “internship” participants become veteran-eligible and can apply directly to PMO human resources to  become part of the civilian police force serving Quantico. 

When applying, applicants need to take several tests before they can be hired:

• A physical agility test

• Physical exam

• Drug test

• Psychological test

• Body Mass Index (BMI) test, with a required 29.9 BMI or under to pass.

After these tests are passed and an applicant is accepted, after an interview, a final job offer is given and the newly-hired police officer is sent to the Police Academy in Miramar, California for 12 weeks of training.

Marines must get the approval of their command to go TAD for the program and must have six months of active duty time left in order to complete Green to Blue.  PMO will help you work with your command in order to get approval to participate in the program.  To get started, contact Master Gunnery Sgt. John Alen, provost sergeant at PMO will help you get involved.

James-Ashby said that making the transition into the civilian workforce is hard and that commanders want to help their Marines be successful.

“This program helps Marines become successful in the civilian workforce,” said James-Ashby.

For more information contact PMO at 703-784-2522.

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