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Safety Division Marine Corps Base Quantico

Safety Division

Develop, institutionalize, and sustain a proactive mishap prevention program that ensures force protection and readiness for all MCB Quantico Commands and Tenant Activities.



Voluntary Protection Program (VPP)
The Commander of Marine Corps Base, Quantico (MCBQ) has determined MCBQ will apply for VPP Star Status beginning with the program managers.

Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) will assess the base safety program in January of 2011.

Management commitment and employee Involvement are two of the four elements of the OSHA VPP. A site that achieves VPP Star Status has proven to OSHA that they have obtained excellence in safety. Excellence in safety starts with an organization accepting all safety and health procedures and policies set forth by the required OSHA guidelines and the site.

MCBQ will obtained VPP Status only if all personnel are proactively involved in safety and health efforts, thus requiring management to be committed in achieving an effective occupational health and safety program in general and to the specific requirements of VPP. One of the questions the assessment team will ask is “What is VPP?” The below links will provide a general understanding of VPP to answer this question.

All About VPP


MCA VPP December 2009 Newsletter

MCA VPP February 2010 Newsletter

The Three Cs of VPP

VPP CX Brief-Why VPP Is Important to DoD

VPP Mission Union Paper

VPP Tool Kit

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