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Legal & Tax Services



Hours of Operation

Monday thru Thursday -- 7:30 - 11:30 a.m. and 1:00 - 4:00 p.m.

Friday -- 7:30 - 11:30 a.m.  

The Office is closed on all federal holidays.

NOTARY SERVICES AND POWERS OF ATTORNEYAvailable on a walk-in basis for all eligible personnel during our regular office hours listed above.

Tax Center Information

Before you arrive at the Tax Center, please ensure you have reviewed the pre-filing checklist. All clients must present Social Security Cards for every name on the tax return.

The LSSS-NCR-MCB Quantico Tax Center provides seasonal income tax preparation and electronic filing for eligible personnel. The Tax Center is now open and will provide service on a walk-in basis until April 15th.  For late filers (anyone filing after April 15th), services will be provided by appointment only.

All returns are prepared and filed on a first-come, first-served basis. However, during normal working hours, active duty personnel in uniform will receive priority.

Our Marines are committed to providing convenient, free tax services for active duty service members, their dependents and retirees. Our Marines receive education and training in tax law and are certified by the IRS to prepare most returns. Before you arrive, please take the time to fill out our Pre-Filing Checklist (click here to download) and the Client Intake Form, to ensure that you can provide us with the required documents and information. For more information, please call (703) 784-3976.  Outside of tax season, the Legal Assistance Office can assist with your tax questions at (703)-784-3126/7.

The Tax Center located in the rear of Legal Assistance building at 3095 Roan Street, Quantico, VA 22134. Please follow the signs and enter through the rear door facing the railroad tracks. The Tax Center cannot be accessed through the Legal Assistance Office main entrance.  Use this map as a reference.

For the second year, we plan to open a Satellite Tax Center on the west-side of MCB Quantico, on 3 February 2015. We are located in Bldg 24009 (Cox Hall) on the 1st Deck (Room 102) at Camp Barrett as the location for the Satellite Tax Center.  NOTE: The purpose of the Satellite Tax Center is to assist those Marines located on the west side of MCB Quantico with basic income tax assistance. The Satellite Tax Center will be open only on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and it cannot handle complex tax returns.  Accordingly, for those with rental income or losses or other complex state tax issues, we request that you seek the services of our Mainside Tax Center.

Hours of Operation

Before you arrive at the Tax Center, please review the Pre-Filing Checklist and Client Intake Form.

OFFICE HOURS run from Monday, January 28, 2015 until Wednesday, April 15, 2015.  The last day for the TBS Satellite office will be Tuesday, April 14, 2015.

Mainside Tax Center: (Tentative)











Satellite Tax Center: (Tentative)











Are you eligible?

As an IRS-certified VITA program, we are only authorized to prepare returns within the scope of our certification. Simply stated, the IRS prohibits us from preparing certain types of complex tax returns.

Returns outside the scope of services include, but are not limited to, the following:

Income from multiple rental properties, royalties, partnerships, S corporations, and trusts;

Sale of a personal residence that was converted to rental property for any length of time;

Income or losses from farm operations and domestic production;

Losses from business operations;

Complex capital gains and losses;

Health Savings Account deductions;

Self-employed retirement and health plans;

Alternative minimum income tax obligations;

Household employment taxes from Schedule H; and

Credits for federal tax on fuels or forms 2439, 8839, 8801, 8885.

Required Documents

We are required to refuse service unless you can provide us with:

1)     Military ID and Social Security Cards for your spouse and family members claimed as exemptions.

2)     All W-2 forms,

3)     A copy of last year’s return,

4)     All records and documentation for expenses and charitable contributions, including daycare receipts, education expenses, real estate taxes, mortgage interest, or other deductible expenses. We CANNOT deduct your financial contributions or out of pocket expenses unless you have kept written records, such as receipts, credit card statements, bank records and written statements from a charity.

5)     Bank account and routing numbers or a voided check if you wish to use direct deposit (recommended).

6)     1098 and 1099 forms, if applicable.

*If married and filing jointly, both taxpayers must be present to sign the return, or present a signed Power of Attorney.

**If there are potential disputes with claiming a dependent, please bring court documents such as separation agreements, custody agreements, divorce decrees, and signed Form 8332 (required IRS form for releasing dependent claims for custodial parents for post-2008 divorce decrees or separation agreements).

Self-service Kiosks

New to the MCB Quantico Tax Center is the option to use a self-service kiosk for those desiring to file only Federal income tax returns.  Two computers will be available for use at the Mainside Tax Center, with a certified tax preparer nearby to provide basic income tax preparation assistance. 

Other Online Tax Preparation Services for Servicemembers and all Taxpayers

Military One Source

Military One Source provides the option to use tax preparation software for free.  Available for all Active Duty servicemembers only (Retirees and all others see below for another option). Individuals must have a Military One Source account.  To create or activate an inactive account, go to the Sign In page.  For creating an account select “Sign Up Now”; for activating an inactive account select “Forgot Your Password?”  Look for the link to “Tax Services” in the drop down menu under “Confidential Help.”

IRS Free File

Available for Federal returns ONLY unless otherwise stated. State income tax filings will depend on which participating Free File companies offer it.  This is an attractive option for taxpayers who are from states with no state income tax: AK, FL, NV, NH, SD, TN, TX, WA and WY, NH and TN require returns only on individual interest and dividends.  In 2013 the cutoff for Free File was an Adjusted Gross Income (AGI) of less than $58,000, regardless of filing status.

Legal Assistance Office Services
To be eligible for services, you must present a valid Armed Forces Military Identification card.

·         Attorney services are provided by appointment only.  Attorneys will NOT provide legal advice over the telephone.

·         Appointments:  Initial appointments are scheduled in person at the Legal Assistance Office on Monday mornings (Tuesday morning if Monday is a federal holiday) at 0730 for the current week.  Please download and complete the Client Intake form (available on this website) and bring the completed form with you to schedule your appointment.  Appointments may be made by telephone only if there are any remaining appointments available after the in-person appointment requests.    

·         Emergency appointments will be made on a case-by-case basis.

·         Follow-up appointments and appointments to execute estate planning documents are available by calling 703-784-3126/27.

·         Please arrive 15 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment.  All scheduled appointments are 45 minutes and follow-up appointments will be scheduled accordingly.  If you cannot make your scheduled appointment, please call to cancel as far in advance as possible.

·         Child Care:  Legal Assistance cannot provide child care assistance during scheduled appointments.  Clients need to make child care arrangements for the date/time of their appointment. Children will not be permitted to attend the appointment with the attorney. If the client arrives for their appointment with children, their appointment will be canceled and rescheduled to enable the client to make child care arrangements.

·         Separation/Divorce counseling: The provision of full separation/divorce services will be limited to service members (or their spouses) E-5's and below. Separation/Divorce services are NOT available to Officers, Warrant Officers, and E-6's and above, or their eligible family members, however, appointments for separation/divorce counseling and referrals are available.

·         Estate Planning Retiree Services:  Estate Planning Services for retirees and their eligible family members are available and will be provided by a weekend appointment with a Reserve Judge Advocate.   Retirees are eligible for other services by appointment only, as resources permit.  Appointments for retiree estate planning may be made by calling 703-784-3126/27.

    Contact Us
    3095 Roan Street
    Quantico,VA 22134-5001

    Legal Clerks:
    (703) 784-3126/3127
    Tax Center:
    (703) 784-3976

    Regional Civil Law Office

    Legal Services Support Section - National Capital Region

    (703) 784-3690

    Claims for property damage and/or personal injury or wrongful death caused by the negligence of a government employee acting within the scope of employment are payable under the Federal Tort Claims Act or the Military Claims Act. A claim must be presented to the Tort Claims Unit or other appropriate federal agency within 2 years of accrual.

    The proper format for filing a claim is a completed Standard Form 95. By federal law, we have six months from the date the claim is properly presented to take action on the claim. In order for us to adjudicate your claim fairly and quickly, please fill out the SF-95 according to the DoN Tort Claims Unit Claims Package.

    More information can be found here or by calling the number to the Regional Civil Law Office listed above.

    Powers of Attorney and Notary Services
    Powers of attorney (POA) are drafted on a walk-in basis during office hours. The POA worksheet can be downloaded from this web site or completed in the office.

    Notary services are also provided during office hours. PLEASE be advised that the person signing the document MUST be present and produce a valid military identification card. Additionally, a Notary Public cannot certify true any vital records, such as birth, marriage or death certificates, documents in the custody of a court, such as divorce decrees, recordable documents, such as deeds or corporate records, and we cannot certify true naturalization certificates. Further, we cannot certify true a copy of any document unless we view the original.

    Please DO NOT sign any document that needs to be notarized until you are in front of the Notary Public.

    Citizenship and Immigration
    The Legal Assistance Office provides assistance to active duty service members with the application process for naturalization based upon qualifying military service. Please contact the Legal Assistance Office to schedule an appointment by calling 703-784-3126/3127.

    Prior to your appointment, please complete the N-400, which form may be accessed by visiting and clicking on the "Forms" tab at the top of the page.  In addition to the completed CIS Form N-400, you must bring to your appointment the following items: your Permanent Resident Card, military ID card, SRB, and two (2) passport style photographs taken within the last thirty (30) days.

    Please arrive 15 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment. If you cannot make your appointment, please call as soon as possible to reschedule or to cancel.