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Virtually all base services to be affected during furlough period

By Mike DiCicco | Marine Corps Base Quantico | June 17, 2013


The impending furlough of Department of Defense civilians will have an impact on virtually all customer and family services offered aboard Marine Corps Base Quantico.

On May 14, Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel announced the furloughs as a result of the federal budget sequestration that included a $37 billion dollar cut to the DOD budget for the current fiscal year. Letters were sent to civilian employees in late May and early June to inform them of the reduction in work and pay.

Between July 8 and Sept. 20, civilians, with a few exceptions, will have to take one day of unpaid leave each week, for a total of 11 furlough days. Based on that arrangement, Quantico agencies have planned the following changes to accommodate a 20 percent reduction in civilian workforce during the furlough period:

Defense Commissary Agency: Commissary closed Mondays.

Base Schools: Schools closed Mondays, Aug. 26 and Sept. 9, 16, 23 and 30.

Naval Health Clinic Quantico: No physical therapy services Fridays for dependents and retirees - active duty only. Dental readiness appointments and urgent dental care only available Fridays; no dental services at Marine Corps Air Facility Quantico or The Basic School on Fridays.

DEERS ID Card Center: Closed Fridays.

Bowling Center: Closed Sundays, beginning July 7.

All Points Travel: Reduction in Tuesday hours to noon to 6 p.m.

Recreation, Information, Tickets and Tours: Reduction in Tuesday hours to noon to 6 p.m.

Base Theater: Closed for events Mondays and Saturdays, July 7 to Sept. 30. Movie schedule unaffected.

Auto Hobby Skills Center: Closed Wednesdays.

Marina: Closed Mondays.

Barber Physical Activity Center: Reduction in weekday hours to 5 a.m. to 8 p.m.

Family Advocacy Program: No community outreach events Friday through Sunday; limited community outreach Monday through Thursday.

Prevention and Education Program: No programs Fridays, reduced flexibility to schedule evening outreach programs.

Consolidated Substance Abuse Counseling Center: No counseling services same day as consultation with Naval Health Clinic staff. Possible impacts to group counseling schedules, prevention outreach, prevention command training and early intervention.

Vehicle Registration: Closed Fridays.

Traffic Safety Branch: Closed one day per week; day to be determined.

Semper Fit Administrative Office: Reduced coverage, longer wait period for scheduling events, reduction in commercial sponsorship.

Regional Contracting Office: Closed Fridays.

Base Comptroller Offices: Military personnel only one day a week, alternating between Friday and Monday.

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  • Mike Roberts 1 years 116 days ago
    As the furlough begins, I pray that it will be at the least short lived. As a CIVILIAN MARINE I am honored to serve are uniform service men and women that have given so much for this country.I feel that it is hard thing to swallow, that the services provided provide by Civilian's like myself are asked to cut back on are support. I took a oath to honor and support the USMC and hold dear to my heart are core values. The lost in pay will have a extremely hardship on my family, but even more so the uniformed service personnel. All i ask is that we stick this out together and show the world what we really are made of.

    Facility Maintenance Section MCBQ
  • Fred Nittnay 1 years 118 days ago
    Looks like a yawner. It appears the affect will not be as catastrophic as earlier billed.

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