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Marine Corps Base Quantico

"Crossroads of the Marine Corps"

Unit News
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Expanded shuttle service coming to Quantico, aims to ease traffic December 17, 2014 — An expanded shuttle service for commuters will debut at Marine Corps Base Quantico in January with the intent of reducing base vehicle traffic and linking both sides of the base. The Commuter Express shuttle will begin transporting Virginia Railway Express riders from the train station in Quantico to various commands and work places on the west side of Quantico, starting on Jan. 5, said B. T. McLemore, head, Transportation Branch. Riders, however, must be either service members or federal employees in possession of a Common Access Card. MORE
H&SBn Marine selected for Warrant Officer Basic Course December 17, 2014 — The Warrant Officer Basic Course is a 16-week training program located at The Basic School aboard Marine Corps Base Quantico that molds enlisted personnel who have reached the rank of sergeant or above into warrant officers. Warrant officers are the subject matter experts in their field and generally stay in the same occupational field they held while enlisted, according to recent WOBC graduate WO1 Charles Aaron, officer-in-charge of the Outbound Section of the Installation Personnel Administration Center. MORE
PMO: Winter weather driving tips December 17, 2014 — Marine Corps Base Quantico’s Provost Marshal’s Office and the fire department respond to a large number of vehicle accidents in the winter that are a result of people not knowing how to handle a vehicle in the snow, according to Gunnery Sgt. Mark Vesely, chief accident reconstructionist for PMO’s Accident Investigation Unit. Vesely shared with the Quantico Sentry PMO’s recommendations for safe winter driving, and they are republished here in modified form. MORE
Davis Center conducts valuable active-shooter drill December 17, 2014 — In response to mass shootings at schools and other locations, including at the Washington Navy Yard in September 2013, various units aboard Marine Corps Base Quantico have routinely conducted both lecture-style training and active-shooter drills with role players. The most recent active shooter drill aboard the base was conducted at the Raymond G. Davis Center on Dec. 16. MORE
Funerals among most sacred duties for ceremonial platoon December 12, 2014 — They hail from an array of varying backgrounds, some arriving at Marine Corps Base Quantico for their first duty station, while others come more seasoned with combat tours in Iraq and Afghanistan already to their credit. MORE
More than 500 beavers call Quantico ‘home’ December 12, 2014 — In addition to hosting thousands of service members and their dependents, Marine Corps Base Quantico is also home to dozens of species of birds, reptiles, amphibians and mammals, including Castor canadensis, the North American beaver. Documents from Natural Resources and Environmental Affairs Branch reveal that approximately 3,000 of the base’s 59,000 acres are forested wetlands, which make ideal beaver territory. MORE
Handsfree cell phone use while driving as dangerous as holding phone December 12, 2014 — Devices that enable handsfree cell phone use while driving, such as Bluetooth or vehicle-integrated systems, are widely touted as reducing the risk of crashes and near-misses. However, a recent study by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration indicates that such devices frequently do require some type of visual or manual interaction, or hands-on time, such as browsing to find a phone number, pushing a button to start or end a call, and texting. It is that interaction, whether talking on a phone handsfree or handheld, while driving that greatly increases the risk of an accident. MORE
Marine powerlifters aim to increase numbers December 12, 2014 — Perfect the technique first and the strength will come later. That’s what Staff Sgt. Matthew Reep, platoon sergeant, Warfighting Company, Infantry Platoon, The Basic School, tells newcomers to powerlifting as they learn the tricks of the trade that he’s mastered over more than two decades of competition. MORE
Daughter of WWI veteran born at Quantico returns December 08, 2014 — There are few people alive today who can say they remember Marine Maj. Gen. Smedley Butler, recipient of two Medals of Honor, but Jeanne Black Burke, age 91, is one of them. Burke was born at the Marine Corps Base Quantico hospital on Nov. 4, 1923 and attended school on base through third grade. MORE
Quantico Middle/High School students participate in Model United Nations program December 08, 2014 — Earlier this year, Quantico Middle/High School became only the second school in the Department of Defense educational system to institute a Model United Nations program, and 18 students and faculty attended their first conference Nov. 14-16 at the College of William and Mary in Williamsburg, Virginia. MORE

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