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Col. David W. Maxwell, Marine Corps Base Commander

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CO's Holiday Safety Message

1 Jul 2015 | Col. David W. Maxwell, MCBQ base commander Marine Corps Base Quantico

On July fourth 2015, we commemorate the 239th anniversary of our Declaration of Independence, celebrating our continued independence and freedom as a nation. Drafted by Thomas Jefferson in 1776, the Declaration of Independence was written in order for America's 13 original colonies to declare their independence from Great Britain. Our great nation has celebrated the Independence Day since the Revolutionary War, but it was formally declared a national holiday in 1941.

The outdoor gatherings and firework shows throughout the region, including here at MCB Quantico, all symbolize the peace and happiness we enjoy in our country's freedom, a freedom which will continue long as we stay united in remembering and honoring our liberties and proud traditions. During this 4th of July weekend let's take a moment not only to celebrate, but also to reflect on the greatness of our country and how privileged we are to be citizens of a country where freedom is a cornerstone of our foundation.

Whatever plans you have over this long weekend, let's remember safety first and foremost in our planning. All of you —Marines, Sailors, and civilians have worked hard, so enjoy this weekend, but put SAFETY first. Celebrating safely ensures that all of us will make it back to our families and to our Corps. We need all of you to remain America's force in readiness, prepared to defend her freedom if necessary.

I expect all leaders to take responsibility and conduct thorough pre-holiday safety briefings and vehicle inspections prior to the holiday weekend. Engaged leadership will strengthen our Marines and sailors decision-making, resolve, and resiliency. I am confident that your actions will promote healthy behaviors that will preserve lives. Have a great weekend, be safe and "let freedom ring".


David W. Maxwell

Colonel, U.S. Marine Corps Commander, Marine Corps Base Quantico

Marine Corps Base Quantico