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Marines provide security at the back gate of Marine Corps Base Quantico. The base will soon implement new system called RAPIDGate to improve the ability of military police officers to verify who is coming aboard the installation.

Photo by Ida Irby

RAPIDGate to settle aboard Quantico

25 Nov 2015 | Ida Irby Marine Corps Base Quantico

The access control system known as RAPIDGate will soon be a part of increased security aboard Marine Corps Base Quantico. A new policy change will arm gate guards with near-instantaneous tools to improve security on the base and streamline access for commercial vehicles traveling onto the installation.

The implementation of RAPIDGate allows for the screening of all persons before they are allowed access onto the installation. According to Lance Hunziker, MCBQ critical infrastructure protection manager, full integration of the system is scheduled for Jan. 11. When implemented, visitors may notice the use of scanners and other changes in security.

Employees, residents and visitors coming onto base, can expect to have their identification scanned by security personnel using RAPIDGate scanners. These new scanners will assess individual public records and other sources to grant access. They will be capable of reading all federally issued identification cards, to include common access cards, transportation worker identification card, TESLIN brand ID cards, and state drivers licenses.

Capabilities will include the ability to scan various government issued ID cards and to check those credentials against intelligence in the RAPIDGate database. Information linked to identification cards is checked immediately and will alert guards of people who may be on the installation debarment list, terrorist watch lists, revocation/restricted driving privileges, and other lists and databases.

“These changes to our access control procedures will improve the installation’s overall security posture, though the process will require additional time at the gates to scan each credential. Consequently, there may be minor delays associated with the implementation of this system.” said Hunziker.

“Automated access control systems are not new to the Marine Corps. Marine Corps Installations Command chose to deploy RAPIDGate as an interim solution, because until recently, the technology had not been developed that met all DoD guidelines,” said Pete Russett, director installation protection branch, Marine Corps Installations National Capital Region.

“Though not the final solution for automated access control, this system fills a gap in security and provides us with more capabilities than we currently have.”

While the Department of Defense did not layout a specific timetable for a DoD-wide solution, there are federal regulations that require vetting and screening of personnel prior to entering any federal installation. Whether travelers are coming onto the base to visit the Town of Quantico or government facilities, a valid credential is required.

Rollout of the RAPIDGate program and equipment has been funded through Marine Corps Installations Command. Contractors, venders, and service providers interested in using the RAPIDGate system are responsible for registration and signup cost. The base policy states that all commercial vehicles (box-truck size and larger), not enrolled in RAPIDGate, shall continue to utilize a one-time pass granted to each vehicle after completing a security inspection.

Contractors who choose to participate in the voluntary program will receive a CAC-like (Personal Identity Verification Interoperable, PIV-I) credential. This credential will allow them to be instantly checked at the gates and granted access, while avoiding the requirement for a vehicle inspection. The cost associated with enrollment and participation in the RAPIDGate program will be borne by the contractor.

Vendors, suppliers and service providers are a large part of traffic coming aboard the base. Those who regularly access the base will receive a letter explaining the details about use and enrollment into RAPIDGate.

Access control procedures and inspections for large commercial vehicles currently take place at the commercial vehicle inspection lot adjacent to the Ponderosa-Y Gate. Operators of commercial vehicles can voluntarily apply for a RAPIDGate long-term access pass to streamline the inspection process and speed access onto the installation.

Companies with contracts aboard MCB Quantico may begin enrolling on Dec. 21 by calling 1-877-727-4342 or visiting the website Following company enrollment, individual contractor employees may visit the self-registration kiosk located in the CIV lot to register for an access credential.

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