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Quantico Middle/High School senior Raquel Anderson, 18, is a talented singer who has auditioned for the television show “The Voice” and sung the National Anthem at multiple school, base and community events.

Photo by Eve A. Baker

Singing sensation aims to snag second audition for ‘The Voice’

23 Feb 2015 | Eve A. Baker Marine Corps Base Quantico

Quantico Middle/High School Principal Michael Johnson is proud of all his students, though there are some whose accomplishments stand out to him. Senior Raquel Anderson, 18, is one such student, and Johnson praised her singing ability at a recent school event.

Anderson has been singing as long as she can remember, and she said there are home videos of her singing as a 1-year-old. Her first official performance came at church, when she was in fourth grade, and she has sung the National Anthem for dozens of school, base and community events.

Additionally, Anderson has led the worship group at her church for several years now and has been a member of the chorus at the various schools she has attended (and being a military child, there have been several). Anderson’s father, Maj. Craig Anderson, is a pilot with Marine Helicopter Squadron 1 aboard Marine Corps Base Quantico. 

The accomplishment that Johnson was praising most recently, however, is that Anderson was invited to New York to audition for the television show “The Voice.” Anderson also auditioned last year in Los Angeles after being flown out there by producers, who were impressed with her initial recorded audition. Though Anderson was not selected to actually appear on the show either time, she will try out again, as she said she is aware of contestants who auditioned several times before finally being accepted to appear on the show.

To further her goal of appearing on “The Voice” or another televised singing competition, she is planning to make a music video with a friend she met while auditioning for the show. She would also like to refine her technique with the assistance of a vocal coach.

Anderson is aware of how difficult it can be to be successful in the music business, however, and plans to major in nursing in college this fall while continuing to sing whenever she can. She hopes to attend Southeastern University in Lakeland, Florida.

In addition to singing, Anderson enjoys playing soccer and will try out for the QMHS varsity team this spring, having played varsity soccer as a freshman at Richlands High School in Richlands, North Carolina.

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