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Miguel Cespedes, an Enlisted Instructor Platoon player, prepares to take a foul shot during an intramural basketball game against the Weapons Training Battalion at the Barber Physical Fitness Activity on Feb. 25, 2014. EIP lost 52-34.

Photo by Lance Cpl. Samuel Ellis

Hustle is the name of the game

25 Feb 2014 | Lance Cpl. Samuel Ellis

Focused and determined the Weapons Training Battalion intramural basketball team pushed themselves through a dress rehearsal of on-court game strategies up to the last few seconds before the start of a game against the Enlisted Instructor Platoon at the Barber Physical Fitness Center on Feb. 25, 2014.

While the 12 WTBN players warmed up, EIP was trying to secure enough players to avoid a forfeit. As they found the last required player, the buzzer screamed and the game raged, ultimately finishing 40 minutes later with WTBN getting the win 52-34.

“Our top five strengths are teamwork, hustle, speed, size and capability to adapt,” said Robert Simms, WTBN shooting guard. “We worked as a team and tried hard throughout the whole game playing 100 percent.”

Chad Charlton, WTBN center, agreed with Simms’ assessment of the team’s cooperation and drive.

“Hustle was our edge,” said Charlton. “That’s our team motto. We hustle up and down the court, offense and defense.”

Like a dominating dance partner, WTBN didn’t let up with their scoring, leading EIP the whole game.

“A good thing for us that we actually started getting the ball in the low post and was able to move the ball around,” said Charlton. “So, we had good movement and good transitions.”

Both teams, starting the game with only one win each this season, passionately pursued the win with fouls littering the first half and accurate shooting dominating the second.

“The other team was good competition,” said Simms. “They gave us a run for our money, but at the end of the game, I guess that’s it,” he said referring to the score.


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