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Civilian length of service honorees and civilians of the third quarter of 2013 gather around Col. David Maxwell, commander of Marine Corps Base Quantico. From left are legal counselor Laurie Hurley, David McCovery of the Logistics Division, Barbara Wells of Marine Corps Community Services, Bernard Graninger of the Installation and Environment Division, Pat Lam of Manpower Division, Jeff Weaver of Marine Corps Community Services, Maxwell, Robert Garner of I & E Division, Nancy Holmes of MCCS, Scott Watson of MCCS, Leigh Curatola of MCCS, George Mading of Security Battalion, Connie Underwood of MCCS and Amelia Garringer of MCCS.

Photo by Mike DiCicco

Quantico recognizes civilian members of ‘Marine Corps team’

31 Oct 2013 | Mike DiCicco Marine Corps Base Quantico

As he opened a civilian recognition ceremony last week, Col. David Maxwell, commander of Marine Corps Base Quantico, noted that it was an “interesting” time to recognize workers who have been subjected to furloughs and then a government shutdown in recent months.

Maxwell thanked “those who have persevered through all that, as well as the many other years of service you’ve put in,” during the ceremony Oct. 30 at the Clubs at Quantico, which celebrated 12 civilians’ length of federal service, as well as the top-performing civilians of the third quarter of 2013.

Recognizing David McCovery, who was named Junior Civilian of the Quarter, Col. Christopher Edwards, director of the base Logistics Division, said McCovery has overseen major changes in the Distribution Management Office in the short time since he took over as freight supervisor.

McCovery, who took the job this year, has been responsible for the creation of a new office space in the Outbound Freight Section and has also brought about the replacement of outdated warehouse equipment, the acquisition of a new air compressor and the demolition of an inadequate storage space, as well as the implementation of a new training program and the streamlining of outbound shipping processes, according to his citation.

Meanwhile, Edwards said, his section has processed more than 21,435 inbound and 33,129 outbound pieces of freight and 9,728 weapons. “When you can’t screw up is when you’re shipping ammo and you’re shipping weapons,” he said, adding that he’s able to count on McCovery to supervise the delicate work without error.

The Senior Civilian of the Quarter was George Mading, assistant services officer for Security Battalion.

“George doesn’t get to drive around in a police car, carry a gun and do lots of exciting things,” said Lt. Col. Benjamin Ringvelski, the Security Battalion commander. Instead, Mading has overseen the implementation of the Consolidated Emergency Response System, part of a Corpswide effort to upgrade emergency dispatch and communications capabilities.

His citation notes the “incredibly technical and challenging” systems and information involved in the work Mading has coordinated with no previous dispatch experience.

Among the civilians honored for their length of federal service, Robert Garner, a pipefitter for the Facilities Maintenance Section, received the rare distinction of being recognized for 40 years of service. Laurie Hurley, associate counsel for the base and Marine Corps Combat Development Command, was honored for 35 years of government service.

“Your service, whether it’s just beginning at 10 years, whether it’s halfway through at 40 years,” Maxwell cracked, addressing all the honorees, “is absolutely instrumental in keeping this base as the crown jewel that the commandant likes to refer to it as.”He also extended his thanks to the friends and family present. “When you support your families that are part of the Marine Corps, you are part of the Marine Corps team as well,” he said.

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