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Representatives sign Arms Forces Community Covenant

11 Feb 2013 | Lance Cpl. Tabitha Bartley Marine Corps Base Quantico

Representatives from Marine Corps Base Quantico, Fort Belvoir, the Military District of Washington, the Naval Support Activity, local leaders and the public attended the fifth annual Armed Forces Community Covenant signing at Market Square in Alexandria on Monday.

The tradition of the covenant signing started five years ago in Northern Virginia sponsored by the Quantico/Belvoir Regional Business Alliance. The alliance’s mission is to position the Northern Virginia region as a welcoming and supportive community to the military and its business partners.

“It's our responsibility as part of the covenant that we all agree that we are committed to their service and providing, not only for them, but for their families,” said William Euille, mayor of Alexandria. “We must make sure that they get the housing, the job training and the education they deserve. They need all the things that will make them successful as they are coming back to our community.”

Army Col. Gregory D. Gadson, garrison commander, Fort Belvoir, said the signing of the covenant is significant because it reaffirms the value that we put on the partnerships between our business, our civic and our military communities.

“We take our commitment of being good neighbors seriously,” said Gadson, “We are not an island onto ourselves but very much integrated and active in this great community.”

Quantico’s base commander wanted to thank the community for their support, as well.

“Our mission of training, equipping and manning the Marine Corps doesn’t happen without the support of the community,” said Col. David W. Maxwell, base commander, Marine Corps Base Quantico. “Our community is a community that understands the operations and challenges we face.”

All representatives spoke on the covenant being a great example of the continued support they have had individually and as a whole.

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