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The Marine Corps Base Quantico Tax Center offers cost-free federal and state income tax return preparation for military, military retirees and their families. The facility is located in the rear of building 3095 Roan St. across from the Education Center. For more information call 703-784-3976.

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Quantico Tax Center will open for business Feb. 1

25 Jan 2018 | Tax Center Staff Marine Corps Base Quantico

Our Tax Center Marines are committed to providing convenient, free tax services for active duty service members, their dependents and retirees.

Our Marines receive education and training in tax law and are certified by the IRS to prepare most returns.

Before you arrive, please take the time to review the Pre-Filing Checklist (page 3) and complete the Client Intake Form (located on the website), to ensure that you can provide us with the required documents and information.

In addition to our limited scope, as an IRS certified VITA program, we only prepare returns within the scope of our certification. The IRS requires that we refuse service and advise you to seek professional assistance for certain returns. You can save yourself an unnecessary visit to the Tax Center by reviewing the following exclusions.

PLEASE NOTE, due to restructuring and limited staffing, the VITA Tax Center is NOT AUTHORIZED to prepare Income Tax Returns that contain the following:

• Gross income OVER $100,000,

• Rental property income,

• Stock and mutual fund sale income,

• Prior year(s) amended returns.

VITA Tax Centers are not authorized to complete returns with the following:

• Requests for social security numbers,

• Income from rental properties, royalties, partnerships, S corporations and trusts,

• Income or losses from farm operations and domestic production,

• Losses from business operations,

• Capital gains and losses,

• Health Savings Account deductions,

• Self-employed retirement and health plans,

• Alternative minimum income tax obligations,

• Household employment taxes from Schedule H, and credits for federal tax on fuels or Forms 2439, 8839, 8801, 8885.

Required Documents:

We are required to refuse service unless you can provide us with:

• Valid DoD-issued Military ID,

• Social Security cards for your spouse and family members claimed as exemptions,

• All W-2 forms,

• A copy of last year’s return,

• All records and documentation for expenses and charitable contributions, including daycare receipts, education expenses, real estate taxes, mortgage interest, or other deductible expenses. We CANNOT deduct your financial contributions or out-of-pocket expenses unless you have kept written records, such as receipts, credit card statements, bank records and written statements from a charity,

• Bank account and routing numbers or a void check if you wish to use direct deposit (recommended),

• 1098 and 1099 forms, if applicable.

Before you arrive at the Tax Center, please take the time to review the Pre-Filing Checklist (page 3) and complete the Client Intake Form (located on the website). All eligible patrons MUST present Social Security cards for every name on the tax return.

In an effort to answer some additional questions you may have, please refer to the frequently asked questions found below.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Where is the Tax Center located?

• The tax center is located in the rear of the Legal Assistance building at 3095 Roan Street.

• Please follow the signs and enter through the rear door facing the railroad tracks.

• The Tax Center cannot be accessed by way of the Legal Assistance Office.

2. Are you eligible for our services?

• Services are provided to active duty personnel, a military dependent, or retiree with a valid DoD-Issued Military ID.

3. When is the Tax Center open?

• The Tax Center is open from Feb. 1 – April 18

• Mondays & Wednesdays: 8:30 a.m. – 3 p.m.

• Tuesdays & Thursdays: 11 a.m. – 5:30 p.m.

• Fridays: 8:30 a.m. – 1 p.m.

4. Do I need to make an appointment?

• Eligible patrons will be seen on a walk-in basis only.

• All returns are filed on a first-come, first-served basis. Active duty military personnel in uniform will receive priority placement in order to facilitate them returning to work as quickly as possible.

5. Who needs to be present at the time of service in the Tax Center?

• If married and filing jointly, both taxpayers must be present to sign the return, or present a signed Power of Attorney which specifically includes the authority for the agent to prepare and sign income tax returns.

6. Can more than one parent claim a child or children for income tax dependency exemption purposes (i.e. parents who are legally separated or divorced)?

• Yes, if you do this, please bring court documents such as separation agreements, custody agreements, divorce decrees and a signed Form 8332.

For more information, please call 703-784-3976 or visit the Tax Center website at:


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