PUBLIC ANNOUNCEMENT: Quantico Water Source returned to Breckenridge Resevoir
24 Oct 2017

On Oct. 31, Public Works will return the water source for MCB Quantico from the secondary source at Grey Reservoir back to the main source at Breckinridge Reservoir.  The water source was switched six months ago while Breckinridge Dam underwent needed maintenance and repair. Customers should not be affected by this switch. However, in the event discoloration does occur, it is advised to run cold water for several minutes until it clears.


Public Works is continuing with its semi-annual flushing plan for the remainder of the base and monitoring water quality throughout this process.


To report water discoloration in base facilities, please contact the building manager. To report water discoloration in housing, call "Lincoln At Your Service," 1-888-578-4141.


For detailed water quality information, visit this website:

CommStrat Office

Marine Corps Base Quantico