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Quantico Mass Notification System


subscribe to another mc installation mass notification while on tad

Marine Corps Enterprise Network (MCEN) NIPR users - paste the following self service URL into any browser. Then follow the remaining steps to subscribe to another Marine Corps Installation Mass Notification System.

1. Select the correct PIV Certificate (Authentication)

2. Acknowledge the USG statement

3. Select “My Profile” from the upper tool bar.

4. Click on the purple “Edit” button

5. Scroll all of the way to the bottom right corner.

6. Click on “Add Subscription

7. Select the TAD location or organization and Click “Apply

8. Set start and end date, if desired.

9. Click the purple “Save” button at the Top Right Corner

NOTE: You may add up to 3 Subscription locations while still receiving alerts from your home station or command.

Marine Corps Base Quantico