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Caleb Hall, junior running back for Quantico Middle/High School Warriors, rushes to make a touchdown in a game against Northhampton Yellow Jackets from Eastville, Va. at Butler Stadium, Oct. 23. The high school athletes demonstrated a strong will to win, but were upstaged on their home field with a final score of 34-28 Northhampton.

Photo by Ida Irby

QMHS Warriors forge first winning season in six years

3 Dec 2015 | Ida Irby Marine Corps Base Quantico

“Football is the greatest team sport ever invented, because of the lessons learned that shape us into the men and women that we will become,” said Warrior’s Head Coach, Paul Roy. “Each year brings its own exciting challenges. Many players joined the team with very little experience. The Warriors have greatly progressed from our first scrimmage to our final game.”

The Quantico Middle/High School Warriors began the season with 14 players and by season-end, 33 players achieved an overall 6-4 winning season, forging the first winning season in six years.

Before the first game in August, in which the Warriors defeated Massanutten Military Academy from Woodstock, Va. 43-0, Ken Woodie, offensive line coach, received messages from deployed Marines, former players and parents wishing the Warriors well in the season.

“Traditionally, here at Quantico, we play for those who came before us. We play for those coming after us,” said Woodie to the players, who were dressed in crimson Warriors jerseys at their season-end gala Nov. 23 at Quantico Middle/High School.

Roy addressed the parents and players during the gala, where each player received a varsity letter and 15 players were recognized individually for their contributions.

“This year the players went up against 250 to 300-pound players in some games and they fought. They fought and they fought,” said Roy

Traditionally, there’s someone who surprises the coach. It could be the little guy who is the toughest player on the team or the brand new player who never played football in their life. As for the only female Warrior, Peyton Carmichael, who is a freshman wide receiver, Roy said she has a lot of courage. “She took some hits and never complained.”

Most valuable offensive player, junior Caleb Hall, piloted the team’s success with 2 interceptions, 12 catches, 25 touchdowns, and 131 carries in approximately 2,500 yards.

“Every time Caleb got the ball I winced,” said Roy of the well-rounded running back who often played offense and defensive positions. “Some of those hits he took this year I think I would have stayed down and taken a break.”

“The most rewarding experience as coach is to see someone grow as a player,” said Woodie. Each year the Warriors bid farewell to approximately half of their players, who either graduate high school or relocate with military parents.

“I ask each player to look back at who you were as a person, as a player and as a team. Whether you realize it or not, you are not the same person you were in August,” Roy said. “The education you receive here at Quantico is not only about tests you will take, but it’s about character development. Football teaches you about how to deal with adversity, self-discipline, joy and perseverance.”

“Thank you for being a Quantico Warrior football player,” he said.

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