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Around 20 Single Marine Program representatives gathered with Micheal Moore, SMP director, and Sgt. Maj. Mark Byrd, sergeant major of Marine Corps Base Quantico, for a SMP council meeting at The Clubs at Quantico on Sept. 4. The group discussed upcoming events, volunteer opportunities and quality of life issues during the meeting.

Photo by Ameesha Felton

Quantico SMP packs Fall months with events and a surprise

15 Sep 2014 | Ameesha Felton Marine Corps Base Quantico

The Single Marine Program is bringing paintball to Marine Corps Base Quantico. Announced during an SMP council meeting Sept. 4, Sgt. Maj. Mark Byrd, base sergeant major, said the outdoor facility has been approved and their goal is to get it up and running before winter, pending location approval by the Natural Resources and Environmental Affairs Branch. The base will contract with Extreme Adventures, based in California, which is the same company that constructed the paintball field at Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune, N.C.


It’s news that highlighted the council meeting, which covers upcoming events, volunteer opportunities and quality of life issues. Around 20 Marines, representing all of the commands at Quantico attended the meeting. Bryd and Micheal Moore, SMP coordinator, who both facilitated the gathering, said the support from these Marine representatives is critical to the life of this program and morale among young Marines. Moore, who recently took over the program this summer, said their goal is bolster activities and encourage representatives to keep Marines engaged.


“In addition to our scheduled events, our goal is to have an event every weekend at the SMP house,” Moore said. “Whether you show up or not is up to you but I know you, can influence it. You are our mobile team and unlike others, you have your thumb on the pulse of this base. You know what going on.”


This fall is packed with events. The house will continue offering free lunch on Tuesdays at the house. In addition, the program will host a paintball trip to Hogback Mountain in Leesburg, Va. on Sept. 13 and a zipline trip on Sept. 19. In October the program plans to host trips to a haunted house, a fishing trip in the Chesapeake Bay, a Halloween costume party and a zombie paintball adventure, where Marines can practice tactical shooting on actors dressed as zombies.


The activities are aimed at enhancing quality of life at Quantico, fostering camaraderie and Esprit de Corps. Equally as important, Moore said his goal is to ensure their activities stay relevant.


“We’re really trying to get events out there that Marines are interested in and will attend,” Moore said.  “The key piece is doing research to ensure feasibility with price and accessibility.”

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