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The Family Advocacy Program has moved from Little Hall into trailer No. 4 in the parking lot next to the Firestone auto shop on Barnett Road. All organizations housed in the south wing of Little Hall will be in the eight trailers for the next six to eight months.

Photo by Mike DiCicco

Family Advocacy Program, others up and running in trailers

2 Aug 2013 | Mike DiCicco

The Family Advocacy Program is one of several organizations that have already moved from Little Hall into the trailers next to the Firestone auto shop on Barnett Avenue. Most of the program is in trailer No. 4, which is where clients are asked to check in.

“FAP is up and running and happy to receive all their customers over there,” said Laurie Wilson, director of Behavioral Health Programs, which includes Family Advocacy. “The phones are working — same extensions, same main number.”

The program’s hours also remain the same: 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Wilson said the only complication customers may experience is parking, which has become tight in the parking lot the trailers share with the Seven-Day Store, Subway and others, as the trailers have brought more users to the lot while taking up around 90 parking spaces.

Other organizations that have moved or are in the process of moving from the south wing of Little Hall into the trailers include Semper Fit, the Quantico Finance Office, Defense Travel Services, and the Marine Corps Community Services accounting, facilities and marketing offices.

These agencies are expected to remain in the trailers for six to eight months while the heating, ventilation and air conditioning system in the Little Hall’s south wing is replaced. They will then move back into the building, and the organizations housed in the north wing of Little Hall will occupy the trailers while that wing’s HVAC system is replaced.

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