Emphasize Purpose of CFC: charities depend on our donations to reach people in need; even if we directly won’t be in need, we live in a society that receives benefits from the charities in the wake of natural disasters, terrorism, or personal crisis, or to conduct research for curing diseases.


- Makes the giver feel good: there is joy in helping others.

- For the price of two cd‘s or a fast food meal per month, we can do real good for those less fortunate be it medical expenses, finding new medical treatment, saving lives, teaching our children values so they don't end up criminals/ in jail.

- Social responsibility: we've been born into a lot of wealth/ freedom and we should share that with those who were not as fortunate.

- We all work hard for our money, but no matter how tight your budget is there are those with less who need our help.

- Tax deductible: save the receipt; if you “itemize”, you can deduct contributions.

Address “Fears” of the Individual: charities in cfc have been screened, and have to meet accounting standards. “admin costs” are published, showing how much is “overhead” costs of the charity and how much goes to those in need.

Provide Convenient Opportunity to Give: people won’t give if they aren’t asked/ provided direct instruction on how to give.

CFC Key Worker Must Focus on CFC: plan 100% contact (may require appointing other key workers), know the unit’s t/o so all sections are contacted, plan contact at formations then let them all conveniently fill out pledge forms, get cfc message out to build authentic enthusiasm.

Publicity:Posters/ Flyers, Email, Contact, Staff Meeting Briefs, Leadership Influence.

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