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The Headquarters and Service Battalion Demons huddle before the start of their intramural flag football game against the Marine Corps Helicopter Squadron One on Nov. 15 at Butler Stadium. HMX-1 dominated the game with a 44-0 win.

Photo by Lance Cpl. Tabitha Bartley

HMX-1 flies over Demons

15 Nov 2012 | Lance Cpl. Tabitha Bartley Marine Corps Base Quantico

Marine Corps Helicopter Squadron One met the Headquarters and Service Battalion Demons for an intramural flag football game at Butler Stadium on Nov. 15. HMX-1 took the lead from the start and didn’t slow down, winning the game, 44-0.

The teams faced off during the coldest game of the season thus far, but the weather didn’t seem to affect either team’s spirit. Both took advantage of playing in the only game of the night and arrived early to practice.

The first turnover of the game was an interception by Timothy Nettles, player for H&S Bn. Demons, but they were unable to advance the ball. HMX-1 showed the Demons how it was suppose to be done, scoring a touchdown on their third play and adding the extra points.

HMX-1 continued to dominate the first half closing it out with a 20-point lead. The Demons, who were unable to score in the first half, let their frustrations show as they walked to their sideline.

Their teammates didn’t let them hang their heads for long though. They motivated each other and their head coach let them know it wasn’t hopeless. They could still take control of the game.

“We just need to do what we have been doing all season,” said Justin Borszem, head coach, H&S Bn. Demons. “We have a reason to be upset but let’s get our heads in the game and play like we know we can.”

The Demons kicked off the second half ready to play but HMX-1 continued to dominate the field, scoring another touchdown and kicking the extra points. The Demons received the ball and attempted to drive down the field, but HMX-1’s relentless defense stopped them in their tracks with another turnover, touchdown and extra points.

On the ensuing kickoff, the Demons started to drive down the field but HMX-1’s strong defense stopped them in their tracks with another interception for a touchdown.

“Our defense has carried our team all season,” said Zack Doty, head coach, HMX-1. “I felt terrific about how we played the entire game.”

HMX-1’s defensive players continued to dominate, refusing to allow the Demons to score and gaining more interceptions and points. HMX-1 won the game, 44-0, but the Demons didn’t let their attitudes affect them again.

“This is the first game we played in the cold weather,” said Borszem. “We also haven’t played for two weeks. I’m upset with the score but we learned from the game and we know what we need to adjust for the playoffs.”


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