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BDTA Training

  Due to the increase of personnel teleworking, in-person Budget Defense Travel Administrator (BDTA) classroom training has been suspended.  New BDTA's can take the required training via the TraX website.   Refresher training is only required once every three years effective 7 Dec 2020.   View the list below for the required TraX classes you must complete.

****If you hold a dual role of Routing Official (BDTA/RO), you must meet initial RO training requirements by attending our AO/RO classroom training.  You can sign up by going back to the training tab and selecting AO/RO Training.****


1. Programs & Policies - TDY Travel Policies 101.

2. DTA - Reports.

3. FDTA - Lines of Accounting/Budgets.

4. DTA Maintenance Tool: An Overview.