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The Department of the Navy (DoN) has awarded three multiple contracts to Verizon, Sprint and AT&T to support all Wireless Voice and Data requirements across the Departments within the CONUS and OCONUS. Use of these contracts is mandated per DoN Policy.

Guidance in submission of Cell Phone Requirements:

1. Prepare a list of required devices for cell phones, black berries, and data cards etc. to attach with your Purchase Request. Provide quotes or no bid information from Verizon, Sprint and AT&T. Current points of contacts for customer service and quotes listed below:

  • Verizon: 301-821-0945
  • Sprint: 913-653-0608
  • AT&T: 571-294-4699

2. Use the quoted amount supplied by Wireless Venders with number of devices to request a G6 Waiver (IT), ADM and Approval from your G6. Submit IT Waiver/Approval with Purchase Request.

3. Coordinate with Venders to prepare International Usage Worksheet, Word Document. Submit with Purchase Request.

4. Prepare Department of Navy (DoN) Wireless Contract Template (template attached), Submit with Purchase Request, (Word Document and PDF with signature). This document will include detailed information needed for your requirement to include point of contact and mailing address of individual certifying and accepting for payment electronically using Wide Area Workflow.

5. Prepare listing of all cell phone numbers. Individual names are not required. Submit with Purchase Request (Word Document).

6. Submit Justification and Approval for Use of Other Than Full and Open Competition Memorandum. See attached example. Highlighted areas should be addressed. (This document will explain your rational for selecting the vender you have chosen for your cell phones services).

7. Prepare a Purchase Request with funding containing your service plan off the FISC Contract for your Provider. (Minutes, Number of phones x cost x 12 months).

8. Submit your Activities Purchase Request with funding in PR Builder to the MCINCR-RCO. Submit Purchase Request NLT 15 June 2015 to process FY16 requirements.

9. The MCINCR-RCO shall notify your Activity with the award winning quote for their wireless services.

10. Please refer questions to the MCINCR-RCO Contract Specialist at 703-784-1926.


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