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MCINCR - Marine Corps Base Quantico


MCINCR - Marine Corps Base Quantico

"Crossroads of the Marine Corps"

Mission Statement

Provide Visual Information products and services for MCB Quantico and Tenant Activities in a professional and cost-effective way.

Products and Services

Central management of VI products, AV support and equipment, cable liaison, and minor non-standard training devices aboard MCB Quantico.

Classroom design and installation of AV support equipment.

Sections: Graphics, Photos, Video

Graphics Section

The Graphics Section offers interactive multi-media design, 3D animation and authoring. Digital and traditional illustration. Desktop publishing, layout/design and limited printing services (for command logos, poster concepts, in/outdoor signage, decals, etc.)

ATTENTION- The CVIC center, graphics support section will no longer accept request for personal name signs. Detailed position description sign orders may be processed by the GSS production chief or OIC, on a case by case basis.

Still Photo Section

The photographic section provides support for MCB Quantico and designated tenant organizations in a technically proficient manner. We provide administrative photography to include: Promotion photos, official command board photos, official passports, ISOPrep photos, citizenship and naturalization photos, as well as tattoo/PT photos. We also provide operational coverage, based on order of precedence and advance notification, to include: base exercises, change of command/ relief and appointment ceremonies, retirement/promotion ceremonies for the rank of E9/CWO5/06 and higher, and official passport photos for deploying units. Additional official requests will be considered based upon photographer availability.

For administrative photography services please bring the following:

  • Promotion photo: a height/weight sheet signed by your CO, XO, 1stSgt, or Sgt. Maj.
  • Official command board photo: official command billet description appointment letter or letter stating you won a battalion level or higher board.
  • Official passports: web orders or a DD1056 form
  • Citizenship or naturalization photo: citizenship letter from legal
  • Specific photo for a board, etc.: the MARADMIN or order stating photograph specifications Combat Camera does not support non-official or personal photography requests.

Video Section

The Video Section produces professional broadcast quality/combat camera type missions. It provides video documentation, in house video productions, on location productions, media editing and the ability to dub most current video formats. It supports Historical events, Change of Command/ Post and relief ceremonies, Training exercises, and pertinent Command events. Our finished products can be recorded on CD, DVD, DV, Mini DV, VHS and Beta. Video support exists for all manner of official requirements.

contact information
The Combat Visual Information Center is open from 0730 to 1630
Photo Studio Hours:
Mon-Fri - 0800 - 1600

Customer Service 703-784-2704
Graphics 703-784-2383
Photo 703-784-2704
Video 703-432-0661
Q-TV 703-784-0659
TSS 703-784-3398

Special Arrangements are available upon request.

Note: CVIC does not have Classified Storage Capability