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MCINCR - Marine Corps Base Quantico


MCINCR - Marine Corps Base Quantico

"Crossroads of the Marine Corps"

Group Visitations/Reunion Tours

Marine Corps Base Quantico is capable of facilitating group visitations and reunion tours alike.  Groups must be recognized Military; such as Unit Reunions, JROTC and Staff Delegation visits. All other visits will be requested and approved through the base commander.

Group visits/tours are Monday - Friday at the command’s discretion and are secondary to military training. 

Basic Visitor Information

Groups should be no fewer than 15 people.

No more than 3 Privately Owned Vehicles (POVs) are permitted on base tours.

Billeting is authorized at Camp Upshur to JROTC and Scouts ONLY, depending on availability; space is limited.

Marine Corps buses are also authorized depending on availability and used on a reimbursable basis.

Individual tours/visits are NOT conducted.

Visits to the National Museum of the Marine Corps can be scheduled by contacting 703-784-6107 and their website is here.

Helpful Information
Meal Rates 
Request Forms and Waivers
Send all requests and waivers to:


Contact the Visit Coordinator at 703-784-5568/4757 with any questions about group visits.

Additional Information

Contact Vehicle Registration at 703-432-0603 with questions regarding base entry.

Contact Inns of the Corps - Quantico (Crossroads Inn) for authorized visitors lodging. Click here

Contact Bachelor Housing Branch for transient billeting questions. Click here