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NREA Branch implements and manages the natural resources and environmental programs for the base.
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NREA Branch implements and manages the natural resources and environmental programs for the Base, including programs for development, improvement, maintenance, and conservation of the natural, cultural, archeological, and historical resources; prevents pollution and degradation of lands and waters from waste disposal and erosion; manages the hazardous waste disposal and minimization programs; prepares required National Environmental Policy Act documentation; manages the Installation Restoration Program; enhances undeveloped recreational activities by managing natural resources including forests, fish, and wildlife; ensures the protection of threatened and endangered species; and enforces federal, state, and Base environmental and natural resources laws and regulations.

Trail Closures from UXO Removal

Work to clear potential buried munitions continues in the area encompassing the now demolished Russell Elementary School and Child Development Center North. Department of the Navy regulations require a safety buffer zone, known as an exclusion zone, when digging for potential munitions. An exclusion zone requires all non-essential personnel to be outside the zone when there is actual digging occurring. Only the trained technicians involved with digging potential munitions are considered essential personnel. The exclusion zone is not in effect when there is no digging because there is no possible contact with a potential buried munition. Roads, buildings, sidewalks, and trails will be affected during hours when the clearance will occur. Signs and barricades will mark exclusion zones. Technicians will maintain perimeter observation and will cease work if it appears mistaken entry by non-essential personnel may occur. Work will not resume until it is safe.

The days and times when exclusion zones are in place are Mon, Tues, Thurs, Fri 1830 - 0230; Wed 1930 - 0230; and Saturday 1400 - 1800. Work is expected to continue through August. The graphic identifies the areas subject to the exclusion zone.

Map of trails that will be affected by the ordnance work.

Report a Spill or UXO

Anyone who finds anything that might be ordnance should leave it alone and call the Provost Marshal’s Office. PMO can contact the EOD team 24 hours a day.

If Unexploded Ordnance is found call:


(703) 784-5744 (EOD)

(703) 784-2252 (PMO Desk Sergeant)

UXO Remediation Fact Sheets:

Munitions Response Site UXO 021 - Apr. 2016

Contact Us

3049 Bordelon Street

Quantico,VA 22134-5001

Main office at 3049 Bordelon Street (Branch Head, Environmental Compliance, EMS Sections & NEPA Coordination):

(703) 784-4030

Log Cabin office (Forestry, Fish, Wildlife & Agronomy, and Conservation Law Enforcement Sections):

(703) 784-5810/5383

Game Check Station:


Solid Waste Management/ Qualified Recycling Program:

(703) 432-0524 or (703) 784-4030