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Marine Corps Base Quantico


Marine Corps Base Quantico

"Crossroads of the Marine Corps"

Range Management Branch

The mission of Range Management Branch is to develop, manage, and ensure the safe use of the Quantico ranges and training areas (RTA) and airspace in the Guadalcanal Training Complex in order to enable customers to achieve their training objectives efficiently, effectively and realistically while preserving RTA capabilities for future customers. 


  • 50,975 acres of ranges and training areas with 15,000' of Special Use Airspace.
  • 44 active live and non-live fire ranges and training facilities.
  • 38 Training Areas, 71 Landing Zones, 3 Drop Zones.
  • Full scope of military and law enforcement training from small arms familiarization, to company-size live fire and maneuver, to delivery of aerial ordnance.
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