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By PAO Staff | Marine Corps Base Quantico | December 4, 2017

Marine Corps Installations National Capital Region-Marine Corps Base Quantico (MCINCR-MCBQ) has initiated a project to conduct a property line survey along Little Creek.  The survey will focus on the MCINCR-MCBQ property line adjoining your property along Little Creek.


The purpose of this letter is to notify you that employees from the consultant design team ADTEK Engineers Inc., A. Morton Thomas and Assoc. Inc., and Michael Baker International, will be working along the stream corridor.  The survey team may have to enter your property while conducting their work.


For the purpose of establishing the MCINCR-MCBQ boundary line along Little Creek, it may also be necessary for the survey team to identify boundaries along your property frontage on Fuller Heights Road.  If you have any specific knowledge or other information regarding past surveys, you are welcome to share that information with our designated contact person. 


The survey will commence on or about December 1, 2017 and will be completed on or about February 28, 2018.


Thank you for your cooperation with MCINCR-MCBQ and the consultant design team surveyors.  If you have any questions regarding this survey action or on any of the information listed above, please feel free to contact Mr. Joseph D. Provenzano at (703) 784-2557, joseph.provenzano@usmc.mil, mailing address: Commanding Officer, Marine Corps Installations National Capital Region-Marine Corps Base Quantico, 3250 Catlin Avenue, Room 235, Quantico, VA 22134.



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