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 Harry Lee Hall Window Replacement & Patio Repairs

 The work includes removal of existing historic wood windows and exterior doors, and replacement with aluminum blast-proof assemblies, keeping the sizes, mullion configurations and profiles of the existing windows. Window types include single-hung with straight and curved heads, casements with fixed palladian transoms, and casements with vent transoms. Many doors also have fixed palladian transoms. Repainting the interior of exterior walls, as well as repair/replacement of water-damaged plaster and woodwork. Exterior brick, stone, mortar and roof repair, and limited lintel cleaning. Demolition and replacement of rear concrete patio and stairs, brick planters and tile. Incidental related work is included for all categories, as well as limited hazardous materials abatement.

 Harry Lee Hall is a historic building as designated by the National Historic Register. Harry Lee Hall was built in 1935 from stones that engineers from the 10th Marine Regiment cut from a nearby quarry.

 Jan. 2015

 Embassy Security Group Facilities

This project consists of new construction for a two-story Administrative and Armory Building and for a new Force Main and two Pump Stations installation along 3 miles of Application Trail. The On-Site work supports the missions of the Marine Corps Embassy Security Group at Marine Corps Base Quantico. The key function of the building is to train Marines in similar settings to embassy facilities where they will be posted. Administrative staff and an armory will be housed in the building as well, to support the mission. It is phase three of a 3-phase construction project to include P545, which is a headquarters and BEQ building already constructed on the site, and P620, which is a training facility scheduled for completion prior to this project beginning. This project will include work that will interface with each of the other two projects to provide inter-connectivity for utility lines.

Construction material delivery around surrounding site area roads.

Aug. 2015

 Repair Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning, Little Hall

The work includes the provision of trailers and utilities to house building occupants in two phases, the demolition of the existing HVAC systems and provision of new HVAC systems including chillers, air handling units, variable air volume boxes, ductwork, and piping. The work also includes the demolition of toilet facilities, plumbing, lighting, fire protection and fire alarm systems and the provision of toilet facilities, plumbing, lighting, fire protection, fire alarm and mass notification systems. The HVAC systems will be controlled by a DDC control system connected to the existing base central control system. The work includes general construction related ceilings, doors and partitions, cutting, patching and painting and incidental related work. The removal of asbestos containing material ad removal of materials containing lead, lighting fixture ballast and mercury containing fluorescent lamps is included. The work will be performed in sequence through the building while most of the building remains fully occupied. Remove trailers at completion of project and restore trailer site to original condition, including restriping parking lot. 

 The work will be performed in sequence in Phases I and II while the building remains partially occupied. Currently in Phase II.

Feb. 2015

 Repairs to Main Side Sewage Treatment Plant

This project will repair failing process equipment and infrastructure that impact the Mainside Sewage Treatment Plant operations in Quantico. Work includes repairs to all systems, especially the following: clogged supply lines and aeration system to the equalization basin; grit removal/mechanical screens and slurry pumps; polymer feed pumps; primary and secondary clarifiers; digesters; polishing filter; ultraviolet disinfection system; and repairs to the infrastructure at the STP.


 The plant will remain fully operational during repairs and construction.

 Dec. 2014

 Marine Corps University Research Center

This solicitation is for design and construction of 2 new facilities, and ancillary work, (1) P541, MCU Research Center Addition, & (2) P632, MCU Academic Instruction Facility at the Marine Corps Base Quantico.

P541: Research Center Addition: The facility (approx 48,000 SF) is a new multi-story addition to the existing Marine Corps Research Center to support missions of the Archival and History Divisions of MCU. This project provides for the construction of a multi-story addition to the Marine Corps Research Center that adjoins the Gray Research Center. It includes the construction of an Archival Wing at the Marine Corps Research Center to accommodate items from the Historical Branch, to include approximately 25,000 books and 4,000,000 invaluable reference files, command chronologies and other official documents.

P632: Academic Instruction Facility: The facility (approx. 129,000 SF) adjoins P541 is a new multistory building designed to support the missions of resident officer Professional Military Education schools and colleges. This project will be constructed adjoining P541 addition to the GRC. The building will provide state of the art multimedia and tiered classrooms.

 Intermittent road closings and utility outages in and around the Marine Corps University Campus.

 Feb. 2015

 New Waste water Treatment Plant, Camp Upshur

This project includes construction of a new Wastewater Treatment Plant within Camp Upshur, at Marine Corps Base Quantico and includes the demolition of the existing WWTP located at the northeastern edge of Camp Upshur. Road access, potable water, electric and telecommunication services are all to be extended to the new WWTP site.



 Existing demolition of the old Waste Water Treatment Plant will not occur until Fall 2014. Construction material and personnel will be commuting through Camp Upshur roads.

 May 2015

 Realign Purvis Road/Russell Road Intersection

This project constructs road improvements to a 3410 LF section of Russell Road, between the Marine Corps Credit Union and the Davis Center. The project includes the widening of Russell Rd from two lanes to four, and new traffic signaling devices. The road will be constructed to Virginia Department of Transportation Road specifications. Construction will include two new bus stops; relocation of telecom, water, sewer, electric and natural gas utility lines as necessary.

 Slowed traffic due to road work on and around Russell Road.  Intermittent, partial road closings and Utility Outages to facilities adjacent to the work.

 Sept. 2014

 Marine Corps Air Field BEQ & Dining Facility

 The project consists of the construction of a new, 408 manspace (204 unit) Bachelors Enlisted Quarters (BEQ), a new Enlisted Dining Facility (total 868 square meters), and associated site improvements for Marine Helicopter Squadron One. The BEQ shall be a multi-story, Georgian style building with a standing seam metal roof and brick veneer with stone accents.

Noise reduction measures will also be integrated into the buildings construction The Dining Facility consist of a dining room with men and women’s public toilets; a Serving Area with three full service serving lines that are flexible in configuration to provide traditional fare, soup/salad, or quick serve foods; and the Kitchen Area with food preparation areas, freezer, refrigeration, storage space, receiving area, and can wash. Manager’s and Staff offices, locker rooms, and toilets will be provided adjacent to the kitchen area. A loading dock with dock leveler will be accessible from the receiving area. The construction shall follow UFC 4-721-10 Navy and Marine Bachelor Housing, the Base Exterior Architectural Plan (BEAP), and sustainable design principals to the fullest extent possible and meeting LEED 3.0 Silver requirements.

 Possible slow traffic around MCAF roads around construction site.

 Jan. 2015

 Phase II Repairs to Marsh Center

The work includes repairs of exterior building leaks, interior wall, carpet, base board and ceiling tile replacement and incidental related work. Mechanical system improvements include removal of existing chiller, cooling towers and air conditioning systems. Building(s) will be occupied during performance of work under this Contract. 

 The facility will be occupied during performance of work.

 Winter 2014

 Weapons Training Battalion Mess Hall

This project consists of the design and construction of a new 16,620 SF Enlisted Dining Facility serving an occupant load of 562PN to support Weapons Training Battalion and Marine Corps Embassy Security Group  located at C.A. Lloyd Range Area. The building shall be a one-story structure with a steep-slope standing seam metal roof and brick veneer with cast stone accents compatible with Georgian architectrue. Both indoor and outdoor seating areas will be included as well as a drive-through window for food to go. The construction shall follow UFC 4-721-10 Navy and Marine Bachelor Housing, the Base Exterior Architectural Plan, UFC 4-010-01 DoD Minimum Antiterrorism Standards for Buildings, and USGBC LEED-NC Version 2009 for sustainability standards. The project also includes associated site improvements including additional parking and the demolition of the existing Dining Facility, Buiding 27219.

 Movement of construction materials and personnel around Weapons Training Battalion location/site.  June 2015
 Liversedge Hall  The project is to repair the existing HVAC system, install ventilation in corridors, upgrade the electrical service, and to install an elevator in Liversedge Hall BLDG 15 which houses the Bachelor's Housing Branch along with our military service bachelors.  Noise from construction and water outages may occur for building and surrounding areas. May 2016
 EMCS & HVAC Control Upgrades, Various Bldgs, Quantico  Energy Management Control System  will create a centralize hub where BLDG 3255 will have control and monitoring abilities of the Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning of roughly 160 buildings on base. This will allow for the capturing and control of a base wide energy savings.  Possible electrical outages around various base locations.  Oct. 2016

Bldg 9 Renovation, FBI Academy, Quantico

 Building 9 is a reinforced concrete structure located on the FBI Quantico Complex that currently houses the Complex’s Cafeteria Building. It has three stories above-grade, which will relocate to a temporary facility constructed under this project, and two below-grade basement levels, which are to remain operational throughout the Renovation. The exterior wall construction includes brick, exposed concrete spandrels, and large window walls. Building 9 is connected to the adjacent buildings by two glass enclosed walk ways (Gerbil Tubes). This project includes the following Construction: 2 new enclosed fire stairs, 2 new open exterior egress stairs, and 1 new elevator; and the following Renovation: 2nd floor kitchen, servery, cafeteria, restrooms, etc.; 3rd floor; and mechanical penthouse. Project also includes the incorporation of a new Fire Alarm System & Fire Suppression System tied into the existing two basement level systems and the installation of new HVAC equipment. The three stories above-grade is relocated to a temporary facility constructed under the project. The two below-grade basement levels are remaining in operation throughout the renovation. Various construction around and outside FBI Academy building 9.  May 2015

Repair and Improve B-2043, MCB Quantico, VA

Architectural modifications to include repairs and new interior finishes to all rooms and all offices, to include floor coverings, wall finishes, wall bases, a few partition walls as required, new doors to unfinished spaces, painting and ceilings throughout. Improvements to electrical, security systems, plumbing, HVAC and fire protection will be included. Male and female toilet rooms, including toilets, and lavatories will be upgraded to meet current codes and ADA requirements. The Armory will be doubled in size. The existing SCIF office space on the second floor will be divided into two equal-sized offices with a new closet in the corner of one of these rooms. Modifications to the Electronics Shop will include full interior demolition of partitions and systems and a new floor plan layout that will add the Dispatch Command and Control Center for Quantico MCB in addition to new G6 spaces.  Possible electrical outages to adjacent areas.  June 2015

P565 TBS Student Quarters Phase 4 and P548 TBS Student Dining Facility

 P-548 consists of the design and construction of a new Student Dining Facility for the Basic School. The dining facility will be capable of serving three meals a day to up to 1600 marines. The building will also house a bar, credit union, post office, chapel, PX vendor and offices. P-565 is Phase 4 of the 8 building replacement plan for O'Bannon and Graves Halls. The project includes the design and construction of a 250-person Student Officer's Quarters. The building will consist of 125 2-man modules with shared bathroom, common space and gear storage. The core area of the building will contain a laundry room, housekeeping room and meeting room on each floor and company administrative offices on the first floor and a conference room on the second floor.

The contract also includes the demolition of O'Bannon Hall.


Construction material and personnel will be commuting through TBS roads. May have slight road delays through area.



 The contract consists of four projects, P-566, P567, P562, P563 which are Phases 5 through 8 of the 8 building replacement plan for O'Bannon and Graves Halls. Each project includes the design and construction of a 4-story building which will provide 125 apartments utilizing a module that is configured with one sleeping room for two people, shared bathroom facility, common space and gear storage. Each building contains core areas consisting of laundry, company administrative offices, meeting rooms, housekeeping and public restrooms.  Possible electric outages around adjacent areas.  Sept. 2017
 EIP Electrical Energy Systems-Replace Stadium Substation The project will replace the 15kV Stadium Substation switchgear with new reliable and expandable containerized switchgear, providing a more reliable and secure power supply to Marine Corps Base Quantico, Virginia.  

Various electrical outages for site and adjacent areas.

 Jan. 2015

Consolidated Elementary School, Marine Corps Base, Quantico, Virginia

 The Consolidated Elementary School is a 129,577 SF Design- Build project. The building will consolidate 750 students, Pre-K through 5th Grade, from Russell, Burrows, and Ashurst Elementary Schools. The facility will incorporate Georgian style architecture and include a standing seam metal roof. This project will obtain a LEED 2009 for Schools Silver certification with the following energy enhancements: rainwater capture system, daylight harvesting, achieve a 60% energy reduction below ASHRAE 90.1-2007, hybrid geothermal heat pump system, radiant floor heating, 1.5 kW Photo Voltaic system and a 1.5 kW wind turbine for educational purposes only. This project also includes the demo of the existing Russell Elementary School.  

Possible slow traffic and road closures around surrounding roads of site.

 June 2015

P646, DSS HQ Addition, MCB, Quantico

Construct a four-story secure high-rise addition to the existing Russell Knox (RKB) building in order to accommodate personnel growth for the Defense Security Service (DSS). The addition shall be approximately 40,000 SF. This project will also construct a three-story 300 car, 10 motorcycles space parking facility with two hydraulic elevators. The addition will match the architectural style, scale, and detail of the existing Russell- Knox Building. All equipment and systems will be seamlessly compatible with existing. The addition will include a hydraulic elevator and some admin spaces will be constructed to ICD 705 standards. This project will obtain a LEED Silver certification. The five options for a turnkey facility include FF&E, A/V, Security, UPS, tying into the existing chillers and boilers infrastructure.  

Possible slow traffic around site roads.

 Jan. 2015
 P614, South Main Side Electrical Substation  The project constructs a 35KV substation to serve power requirement at MCB Quantico.  Possible increase in scheduled power outages.  Feb. 2015
 Install Advance Electric Meters + Install Metering Natural Gas + Install Water Metering Systems  This project is Marine Corps Base Quantico (MCBQ) Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI), Phase 2: Electric Metering. The intent of this project is to meet Federal energy metering mandates and enhance the base’s energy monitoring capabilities via the MCBQ AMI System.

This project is Marine Corps Base Quantico (MCBQ) Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI), Phase 3: Natural Gas Metering. The intent of this project is to meet Federal energy metering mandates and enhance the base’s energy monitoring capabilities via the MCBQ AMI System.

This project is Marine Corps Base Quantico (MCBQ) Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI), Phase 4: Water Metering. The intent of this project is to meet Federal energy metering mandates and enhance the base’s energy monitoring capabilities via the MCBQ AMI System.
   March 2015
511 Update
Northern Virginia now has a special 511 transportation page. It focuses on the I-95 corridor.

I-95 Update
The 95 Express Lanes will provide new choices, added capacity and extend and improve the performance of the existing HOV system.   The 95 Express Lanes will extend from the Edsall Road area in Fairfax County to Garrisonville Road in Stafford County.  For more information, please visit www.95ExpressLanes.com.

I-95 Weekly Lane Closure Update
The Virginia Megaprojects Update Bulletin is published and distributed weekly to provide motorists with a look-ahead of requested closures planned by contractors on interstates and arterial roads in the Virginia Megaprojects work zone areas.

Road closures listed in this bulletin may or may not occur due to unforeseen events such as weather conditions or changes in work plans.

Virginia511: Motorists are encouraged to check 511Virginia.org for 'real-time' traffic maps to help plan your travel.

I-95 Lanes Project

The 95 Express Lanes Project will add capacity to the existing HOV lanes from the vicinity of Edsall Road (Route 648), I-395 in Fairfax County to the Prince William Parkway (Route 294) in Prince William County; improve the two existing HOV lanes for six miles from the Prince William Parkway to Dumfries (Route 234); and add a nine-mile reversible two-lane extension of the existing HOV lanes from Route 234 to Garrisonville Road (Route 610) in Stafford County. This project will create new transportation options in Northern Virginia.  The new Express Lanes are expected to open by the end of 2014.


The Express Lanes will be free for vehicles with three or more occupants, or available to other travelers who choose to pay a toll.  The Express Lanes will keep traffic moving by using dynamic tolling to manage the demand for the lanes and a series of electronic signs to communicate with drivers about toll rates and traffic conditions.  Tolls will be adjusted based on real-time traffic conditions, and will provide faster and more predictable trips.  Features such as video technology that will quickly identify incidents and state troopers assigned to the corridor to enforce HOV policies to reduce toll violators will enhance safety throughout the corridor.


Construction is in full swing this summer along the 29-mile work zone on both I-95 north and south.  Motorists should prepare for extensive lane closures on I-395/95 in Northern Virginia during non-peak traffic hours and during overnight hours, seven days a week. Motorists are encouraged to review the summer schedule and project information to be better prepared and able to plan ahead.


General Lane Closure Hours/operations:

·         Daytime: 8:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. Mondays-Thursdays;

·         8:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. on Fridays  

·         Nighttime: 8:00 p.m. to 5:00 a.m. Mondays-Fridays

·         Nightly closures of HOV lanes

·         Extended weekend lane closures from 11:00 p.m. to 9:00 a.m.

·         Temporary intermittent full-stoppages on I-95 general purpose lanes after 11 p.m.


Single-lane closures are scheduled during daytime hours in the project work zone. Single to multiple- lane closures and intermittent full road closures with detours are scheduled during nighttime hours.  Please refer to the lane closures page for updated closures.

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